European Test and Telemetry Conference June 11 - 13, 2019 Toulouse France

What is ETTC 2019?

ETTC is a unique international event, organised by AAAF & SEE in Europe, addressing a wide range of test and telemetry technologies for transport industries: aeronautical, space, automotive, defence, railways,…

In 2019 the SFTE (Society of Flight Test Engineers) will join our conference and celebrate with us their 50th anniversary ant the 30th anniversary of the European Chapter! 

How new technologies (Big Data, Internet of things, ...) will change our tests activities?
The world of test & telemetry is changing quickly. Whatever the industry field: aeronautic, space, automotive, defence, railways ... we are facing tremendous change: reallocation of telemetry spectrum pushed by the mobile network operators, Internet of Things (IoT) driving low cost solutions for sensors, computing and wireless devices, Big Data opening new ways to analyse the information collected ...
Although new technologies will change our way of working, the question is how and when?
The ambition of ETTC 2019 is to help attendees to prepare the future by anticipating next breakthroughs.
Listen to the conference presentations, exchange information with your peers, extend your professional network, learn about standards, improve your knowledge and visit the large exhibition hall with exhibits from suppliers covering the various technological domains of our industry.


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